Halftone Line

Born:  Dallas, TX

Lives and works in spearfish, sd


Jennifer Kilgore is a Texas native, and a south Dakota transplant. She is a graphic design major at bhsu. She has spent the last several years traveling through Colorado, Wyoming, and Idaho. Throughout her travels, nature has captured her attention and reflected in her artwork. Photographing wildlife has become a favorite hobby. She has also acquired a fondness for printmaking.


Her work has received an American advertising award in 2020. her work is being exhibited at the dahl arts center in rapid city.



artist statement

Halftone Line

"The wildlife and it's habitat cannot speak, so we must and we will" -Theodore Roosevelt

  • My artistic practice is influenced by wildlife and nature. I'm inspired by wildlife photographers, illustrators, and printmakers. The photographers in Wyoming and Arkansas wildlife have greatly inspired me. They photograph rarely seen wildlife such as bobcats, moose, and black footed ferrets. These allusive animals inspire me to go out into the world and seek them out. I have taken what I know about photography and combined it with the digital world. Using tools like photoshop, lightroom, and illustrator I have manipulated images beyond the ordinary. I take multiple images and combine them to make a surreal image. Design and photography have become a crucial component of my work.

  • Printmaking has become an influential medium. Natural elements have inspired me to create prints. The British artist John Piper has influenced me with his prints of bird nests, celestial objects, and wildlife. John Piper's work has led me to explore similar visual imagery. My printmaking techniques include relief, dry point, and lithography.

  • As a designer I hope to influence the world in a positive way. My goal is to inspire conscious consumerism; to encourage the purchase of cruelty free beauty and lifestyle products. These types of companies can be small, and I would like to encourage their growth with design and advertising. I hope to inspire others to adopt with my designs for animal shelters and rescues.

  • This process of observing wildlife has led to a deep appreciation of the natural world. In my work, I strive to help others gain the same appreciation. I don't often think about why I'm making a piece; my focus is on the wildlife. If I can help one creature with my art, I've done what I set out to do.